Friday, December 17, 2010

What makes a good language lesson?

In my opinion, a good language lesson requires a teacher who is proficient in communicating using many different methods. The teacher should be able to convey one message in several ways while engaging the entire class. She should also be patient with her students and understanding of the challenges that normally arise while learning something new.

A good language lesson should include phrases that can be used immediately in daily life, colloquialisms, sentence structure, pronunciation, grammar and spelling. These may be taught by repetition, asking the class to repeat after the teacher, role-play, writing, word games and showing subtitled television programs or movies when the class is in need of a break from intense learning.

I think building confidence in students is very important to their progression in learning a new language. Announced tests and surprise quizzes help students and teacher discover how well the class is learning.

When a student excels, it should be celebrated. If a student is not progressing as fast as the rest of the class, extra tutoring should be offered. A good teacher will be aware of where her students are in the learning process while continuing to move the class forward as a whole.

In all, a good language lesson is challenging, engaging, productive and constantly builds on what has already been learned. A positive and patient approach by both student and teacher ensures a good learning experience.


  1. Hello Mrs.Rebecca, welcome in Egypt , and thnx for being our teacher :) .
    Actually I Totally Agree with you ,
    and you follow Good practical methods with your students that you make us focus on the lessons and make us give more attention of what you say by making us activity in the class and bring the lesson itself in reality as you could,that helps us to remember what we learned ,
    To me ... i see you are a good teacher and know how to deal with your student

    thnx in advanced
    Hoping you all success

  2. Thank you for your nice comment. I enjoy teaching, and I'm happy that you're enjoying the class.

  3. bet your teaching skills suck

  4. Balls off to u my friend

  5. Hi, I wanted to let you know that I have my first EFL interview tomorrow on Skype. I literally just started the TESOL course today as well. I really have no idea what this person is going to ask me, but I was given a tips sheet that had the "What is a successful lesson". I think your answer is spot on! Im going to use a version of your answer in my interview if I get asked this question. Hope you don't mind.

  6. Really good post! Thank you so much for it!
    Anna (Ukraine)